Mr. Doc

A personal source documenter at your service

Easy to use

Simply install Mr. Doc, write your documentations with JSDoc style and generate.

$ # 1. Install Mr. Doc
$ sudo npm install -g mr-doc
$ # 2. Let Mr. Doc generate your docs
$ mr-doc -s lib/ -o docs/ -n "My Project"


Since the introduction of themes in v2.1.0, Mr. Doc will easily spice up your documents.

$ # 1. Install a Mr. Doc theme
$ npm install --save-dev mr-doc-theme-cayman
$ # 2. Let Mr. Doc generate your docs with the new theme
$ mr-doc -s lib/ -o docs/ -n "My Project" -t "cayman"

JSFiddle Support

By having support for JSFiddle, you can show your example code with just a @jsfiddle tag in your comments.

Easy to Learn API

Using the power of ESNext, it easy to learn how each class works in generating beautifiul documentations.